Science Literacy Revisited

Today, my brother posted a video of the (possibly) overrated Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. In a press conference he is asked to explain the potential benefits of quantum computing.

Trudeau explained the differences in a very accurate and succinct manner, something we can be quite sure would have turned out differently if the same situation repeated itself further south.

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Transparency in Medicine

I've long had concerns with conflict of interest in medicine. It was a small factor directing me to chiropractic - this common complaint that medical doctors are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies, that they get treated to expensive dinners and luxurious weekend getaways for prioritizing a particular drug, or even prescribing it when not medically necessary.

The great secret is that chiropractors are just as subject to conflict of interest – perhaps to a lesser degree, or at least slightly lower earning potential.

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