Big Announcement 2.0

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I had made a decision that would impact my plans for the near future. Ironically, it is nearly a fulfillment of the "Big Announcement" I made on April Fool's Day via podcast for my family and friends. In it, I declared that, among other things, I would:

  1. Quit school
  2. Become a podcaster
  3. Expand
  4. Become a pro photographer
  5. Not go to chiropractic school

Well, all of those things are about to come true, at least in some part. I am quitting school... with a degree. I have already earned my B.S. in Exercise Science and am finishing two required courses for chiropractic school as well as a minor in ballroom dance. And I am not going to chiropractic school... for now.

The big announcement is that I just received a job offer as a Mac Technician at the Utah Personnel Development Center, a state-funded education agency in Salt Lake City. I will be in charge of supporting the technology needs for their 25 employees as well as facilitating some online features. Basically, I will continue to do what I have enjoyed and excelled at doing in the McKay School of Education for the past 5 yearThe reasons for this decision are two fold.

First, I am tired, frustrated, exhausted, and quite done with school. I love learning and I am passionate about education, but I can no longer fight against the system. The way structured education works is impractical and ineffective. I am not a circus animal and will not continue to jump through hoops just because I am told to – but that is all beside the point. To be honest, I do not do well in courses that require me to memorize facts out of context and, hence, may not pass the aforementioned Organic Chemistry class required for chiropractic school. (What chiropractor needs to understand organic chemistry, anyway?!) It seemed prudent of me to have an alternate plan instead of relocating to Portland, Oregon only to find out a few days before the term starts that I was denied admittance.

The second, and likely more relevant reason, is that I feel like I need time for myself. I am one with many passions, interests, and even talents. I have felt stifled while in school and have yearned for the opportunity to explore my other strengths. My hope is that this decision will give me the resources to delve into the areas of podcasting, blogging, photography, and to fulfill my deep desire to take care of my corporal needs by running, exercising and camping. While my position at UPDC deals with technology, it will allow me to support the improvement of education, which is another strong passion of mine.

I look forward to the opportunities that have opened up to me in the near future, with only slight regret that I will not be able to move to the beautiful Pacific Northwest just yet.