Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA

I can't say how freaking glad I am that someone finally made this video!

Favorite line: "It ain't crack or nothin', but it's still REALLY BAD!"

Vertical videos really bug me. Especially once you get the video onto a desktop computer to edit or play it back. It becomes a sea of black with a tiny bit of vertical video in the middle. Not only is it weird to look at, but it's a waste of data space (all that black doesn't come from nothing, it still has to be stored somewhere). Worst of all, it just limits the experience of what can be a great video.

That said, I won't be surprised if vertical videos become increasingly popular, just as high-quality photographs have given way to lower quality mobile photos. The fact is, most people look at media on their mobile devices as much or more than anywhere else. If you take a vertical video on your iPhone and play it back on the iPhone, you can still see it full screen in vertical orientation. With Facetime and Skype available on mobile devices, looking at vertical videos will become more and more normal.

Besides, shooting vertically sometimes comes in handy, like when recording yourself dancing and need to see the feet and upper body which just won't fit in the frame when you're up close. I still think we should all learn a little bit of good technique and use cameras like they were meant to be used.